Traditional VS. Modern Anniversary Gifts

Most people are familiar with the traditional materials list that good etiquette requires us use as a guide when selecting a gift to commemorate a wedding anniversary. If you're like most people, you might find that a little difficult to convert the materials on the list is an acceptable gift. You may have more options than you think. Do you know that an updated "modern" gift list is available which is becoming more and more popular? This article touches on the history of the traditional list, highlights the differences between the modern and traditional lists, and helps you decide which is right for you.

part of the traditional list have existed since the Middle Ages. Historians can trace the origins of silver and golden anniversaries to medieval Germany, where garlands made of these metals presented a gift to the 25th and 50th years of marriage. The rest of the list is traditional than you think. I was surprised to learn that the traditional list, as we know it today, did not exist in 1937 This year, published in the American National Retail Jeweler Association is a list that related material each Anniversary up to the 15th year, and after five years to up to the 60th anniversary. For a list of these substances in 1937, the 60th year

* The first – the book

* Second – Cotton

* The third – Leather

* fourth – Fruit / Flowers

* fifth – Wood

* Sixth – Candy / Iron

* seventh – wool / Copper

* eighth – bronze / Pottery

* ninth – Pottery / Willow

* tenth – tin / aluminum

* eleventh – Steel

* twelfth – Silk / Linen

* thirteenth – Lace

* fourteenth – Ivory

* fifteenth – Crystal

* twentieth – China

* Twenty-fifth – Silver

* thirtieth – Pearl

* thirty-fifth – Coral

* fortieth – Ruby

* forty-fifth – Sapphire

* fiftieth – Gold

* Fifty-fifth – Emerald

* Sixtieth – Diamond

the list of modern anniversary materials presents a contemporary, easier to use alternative. The modern list is not clear beginning, but like the original, each year & # 39; and gifts worth more than the last. This arrangement is intended to honor the life of the commitment. The new list retains the spirit of the traditional list, but loses some of the original sense of etiquette. Although more convenient, the modern list sacrifices the thoughtfulness previously required to make a good gift for ordinary materials in the old list. However, the modern list extravagant (expensive) than the original, which in some cases be more appreciated than a thoughtful but humble gift from the traditional list. The following is the widely accepted modern list, in 60th year:

* The first – Watches

* Second – China

* Third – Crystal / Glass

* fourth – Handling

* fifth – Silver

* Sixth – Candy / Iron

* seventh – table sets

* eighth – bronze / Pottery

* ninth – Linen / Lace

* tenth – Leather

* eleventh – jewelry

* twelfth – Pearls

* thirteenth – Textiles / fur

* fourteenth – gold jewelry

* fifteenth – Watches

* Twentieth – Platinum

* Twenty-fifth – Silver

* thirtieth – Diamond

* thirty-fifth – Jade

* fortieth – Ruby

* forty-fifth – Sapphire

* fiftieth – Gold

* Fifty-fifth – Emerald

* Sixtieth – Diamond Jubilee

the most couples, we suggest that modern list. When selecting a gift from the modern list has the advantage of more specific, such as a desk set is much lighter than copper / wool. The modern list, you can not risk offending spouse by rewarding 10 years of companionship with a pitiful tin or aluminum gift. Believe me, he will not be satisfied with the excuse of tradition. Also, good luck finding the ivory candlesticks year 14! Unless you really enjoy the creative challenge and the traditional, try the modern list this year.

Source by Slade Hartwell